December 2020. Kreo Takeoff


TLDR: New innovative 2D Takeoff solution💥Real Use Case Videos🎬

Take a look at the most exciting news the Kreo Takeoff team has prepared for the end of the ongoing year!💝

Totally new unique innovative 2D Takeoff solution by Kreo is to be released in 2021😱

Kreo always tries to be as flexible as possible in accordance with the market's needs and take clients' requests and desires on board. After a detailed study of the market we came to the conclusion that extracting quantities from 2D drawings is still in high demand among all the specialists involved in this process. That's why...

💥We've dedicated the last months on the concept and product development in order to please the market with a totally new innovative 2D takeoff solution as early as possible in the upcoming 2021 Year! 

We'll keep the intrigue alive mentioning just a couple of things to draw your attention to the product😍

📌As big fans of automation, we did our best to minimize the effort of quantity surveyors and cost estimators as well as to reduce the time spent on preparing takeoff reports from 2D drawings.
📌Kreo's solution will also surprise you with some unique features you won't find on the market! 

Just look at this quick sneak peak below🙌

image (1)-2

We hope you will appreciate all the hard work we have done!😊


Enjoy the second "How-to-do" video by the Kreo Team💌

We continue the series of "How-to-do" videos based on real use cases✈️

This time we will show you how to get all the relevant quantities of work for a particular group of elements, which are concrete walls in our case. 
Check out the video below and let us know what your thoughts are! 

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The Kreo Team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!🎅 We'll be in touch in 2021😉