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29 January 2019
  • View mode in Activity Assignment stage

    Look through the results of the Activity Assignment stage after approval.

  • Roles and Permissions

    Create as many roles as you need for your workflow. Assign permissions for every role or use our default template.

  • Revit plugin update

    Import BIM models to AutodeskĀ® RevitĀ® from Kreo Design.


28 December 2018
  • Activity Sequencing

    User-friendly interface gives you more control over activity sequencing logic.

  • View mode during Classification stage

    Look through Kreo's Classification results after approval.

  • Activity Notifications

    Review your colleagues' activities filtered by Users, Roles, Projects and more.

  • Revit Element Properties

    Revit Element Properties are added on Activity Assignment


23 Novenber 2018
  • Critical Activities and Floats

    View Critical Works in your Gantt Charts and total / free slacks for activities or groups of activities.

  • Notifications

    Kreo Plan notifies you when something important on your Project has happened.

  • Alerts

    You are always aware of the results of your request to the Kreo Plan.

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