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29 January 2019
  • Kreo Design Revit plugin updates

    You can import steel structures from Kreo Design to Revit.

  • Steel structures reports

    Instantly view a steel structures design report within your project.

  • Adding balconies to the architectural model

    Kreo Design automatically generates balconies in the architectual model. It also provides structural engineering and design for this in the structural model.


28 December 2018
  • Get snow and wind loads automatically from the map.

    Kreo Design gets snow and wind load information automatically and applies the findings to your design.

  • Construction sites for office buildings

    Now you can operate the construction site when you are creating residential building blocks. Kreo Design selects the optimal building shape depending on current restrictions.

  • Construction site for residential buildings

    Review your colleagues' activities filtered by Users, Roles, Projects and more.

  • Revit Element Properties

    Revit Element Properties are now added on Activity Assignment


23 Novenber 2018
  • Steel frame design and engineering

    Using construction best practices and British Standards Institution (BSI) recommendations, Kreo Design generates elements of a steel frame, such as columns, tie beams, and vertical bracing. Switch your whole design to a steel frame at the click of a button!

  • Floor plan design updates for residential buildings

    Now you can choose how you want to divide the block into apartments. When you edit the floor plan, the distances between nearest objects are highlighted.

  • Kreo Design Revit plugin

    You can create models from scratch in Kreo Design and import them to Revit if you need to do further detailed work. This works for the structural (except steel structures) and architectural model

  • Pre-defined architectural components

    You can change the assembly of facades or interiors in a few clicks.

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