Give investors confidence in modular building by creating detailed and visual plans

Banks need assurance when investing in modular buildings

Banks still question whether modular buildings can be valued in the same way as those built using traditional building methods. Lenders want more information up-front from developers looking for funding for modular buildings. 

At last year's Homes UK conference, a panel discussion on this topic filled an auditorium. Developers are concerned.

Homes UK audience modular building session

Funding is a concern for a lot of clients looking to utilise more modern methods of construction.

Louise Lever, Partner and Head of Social Housing Finance, Winckworth Sherwood

Proof of concept

Since a major investment in modular building manufacture by Goldman Sachs in 2019, there has been a steady stream of investment around the world. 

If developers can demonstrate that modular buildings perform just as well as, or even better than, traditionally built properties, lenders will feel confident in financing their projects. With the right technology, demonstrating the value of proposed modular buildings should be simple.

Modern building that could have been built traditionally or with modern methods of construction

Get the data you need from the start with generative design

By testing thousands of combinations of building modules at once, experts can visualise different cost options for their building from day one of planning.

Kreo uses AI to test all viable module combinations in seconds, creating dynamic 3D BIM models.

  • Compare different cost options side by side from concept design stage
  • Demonstrate value of modular building over traditional building with detailed design
version comparison

After a couple of years of external and internal dialogue, our message is relentlessly positive. We're saying to banks and RPs that MMC is coming.

Andrew Smith, Director of Valuations, Savills Housing Investment Consultancy

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