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BIM Collaboration. Anytime. Anywhere.

Share your BIM model, collaborate and communicate with your team online. Cloud-based software for BIM model visualisation and design collaboration with amazing graphics quality and rendering speed.

Collaboration: What's Construction's Problem?

The AEC industry is starting to come to terms with BIM. But stakeholders still use different platforms to share information with one another. What's the problem?

  • Data gets lost
  • Information is inconsistent
  • BIM projects take too long

Digital Transformation

Technology is both the solution and the problem in this story. Construction is finally catching up with other industries on the technology front. We would not now construct anything without having it first designed using a computer. We are all collaborating online - even if only via email. So why hasn't that fixed the problem?

BIM Collaboration

Pre-construction projects should not be difficult to collaborate on. The design is merely a concept - so everyone involved should be willing to share, comment on and use the same BIM model. In practice, everyone works on different platforms. This constant back and forth, working across a variety of digital (and non-digital) platforms stifles collaboration.

Kreo View: Construction's Solution

Kreo is a free, cloud-based BIM visualisation and design collaboration tool (also described as a Common Data Environment). Export your model from Revit into Kreo and share the model with unlimited users, simply by sending a link. You can chat live in the platform, mark up specific BIM elements and choose who should see what information. With top quality graphics and rendering speed, anyone who uses it will feel comfortable - even the biggest technophobes! Start using Kreo View for free today.



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Billing and Pricing related FAQs

Saas, security and data protection related FAQs

  • General Kreo Security Policy

    Kreo is a software-as-a-service platform with cloud storage, computation, file viewing and file sharing options. It’s built on best practices for data security operations. We are constantly monitoring the latest industry trends and endevour to apply leading security practices to our service.
    If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact us at support@kreo.net.

  • Clouds Services Advantages over PC

    As any other cloud-based system, Kreo only relies on a good Internet connection and practically does not depend on user’s device capabilities.
    Your project related data stored in Kreo is protected with industry-standard encryption technologies and best practices, so it is even safer than if it was stored on your PC. However, it is important to use a known secure PC when accessing Kreo to avoid any data leaks.

  • Encryption to Protect Your Data

    All transactions are encrypted in transit. We are using a secure socket layer certificate (https://) on our website to prevent unauthorized interceptors from accessing our users’ data.

  • Secure Content Sharing

    All project-related data is stored on Kreo servers hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. We also use a highly reliable service for identity and access management. Your login credentials are required to access your Kreo account, so it is very important to keep it confidential. If you want to share your project content with others, you can invite users to your workspace (“Company”) in Kreo for collaboration. Kreo provides all the required functionality for the fine-grained control of other users and companies access permissions, who you are willing to share the data with.

  • Project Data Deletion

    After you delete your project file, it can only be recovered by contacting our support service at support@kreo.net. Your project data remains in our operational backup for one week. Unfortunately, it is impossible to restore the deleted project after that.

  • Data Availability

    We use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud for data storage and processing. Amazon services are generally recognised to correspond to the world highest standards for cloud services. Kreo database service (hosted by Amazon Relational Database Service) geo-redundantly replicates the backup data across multiple zones to provide greater levels of data durability. A database automatically migrates from one server to another online with minimum downtime to prevent data loss, in case a data center becomes unavailable.

  • Protection from External Threats

    The security of our users’ data is very important to Kreo. We use every means to protect it from both deliberate and accidental impacts. Kreo cooperates with the world's largest cloud computing platform to provide the best possible data security.
    Your data is protected in transit over the Internet as well as against unwanted physical intrusion and redundant power, to keep the facilities running in the event of a power interruption.
    We are constantly monitoring the latest industry trends to keep up to date.

  • Personal Data Security

    We have no access to your personal credit card data: once you enter it on our website, it goes directly to our partner payment processing services provider (Stripe), which is considered to be one of the safest payment platforms globally. We also use a highly reliable service for identity and access management. Your login credentials are required to access your Kreo account, so it is very important to keep it secret. For further information on the use of your personal data please refer to our Privacy Policy.