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Share and visualise your BIM model, collaborate and communicate with your team online via built-in chat channel

How it works

Immediately export your project from Revit into Kreo in four simple steps.Follow these simple steps to get your project from Revit into Kreo Plan today.

  • step 1

    Find and install Kreo in the Autodesk app store

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  • step 2

    Run the plugin in Revit

    kreo-view step two
  • step 3

    Create a Kreo account

    kreo-view step three
  • step 4

    Upload to Kreo from Revit

    kreo-view step four

Our vision

Collaborate on the same BIM model with anyone, anywhere. Kreo makes it easy to view, share and comment on BIM models so more organisations will start using BIM, without even having to understand it.

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  • Speed of work
  • Realistic materials
  • Camera Controls


Using Kreo View in the pre-construction phase of a project will help you avoid frustration. If more people were able to access and comment on the same BIM model from the start, it would avoid countless errors and miscommunications. Watch our videos to learn more about the value of using Kreo View on your projects.

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