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Kreo is a complete pre-construction planning and design solution for better project outcomes.


The fastest, easiest, most accurate way to take off quantities from BIM is to use better technology.

With Kreo, you simply upload your BIM model. Kreo's AI does the rest.

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Get quantity takeoff in minutes.

Simply upload a Revit BIM model and let Kreo do the rest. Kreo uses Natural Language Processing to identify and classify the BIM model. You get quantity takeoff faster, and more accurately, than ever before.

Kreo Takeoff

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Fastest results

Get faster quantity takeoff than your competitors to bid on more work

Highest accuracy

Make quantity takeoff truly accurate with advanced BIM element measurement

Dynamic takeoff

As your BIM model updates, so does your quantity takeoff

What Our Customers Say

Cast Consultancy are using Kreo to understand how it can reduce risk, time to market and apply design-to-manufacture principles to architecture, engineering & construction.

Cast Consultancy

BIM standardisation

By instantly identifying and classifying all elements in your model, quantity surveyors do not have to manually assign information. Your quantities will be kept up-to-date with every design change.

Advanced measurement

Avoid mistakes with Kreo's advanced measurement capabilities based on BIM element geometry meshes. Ensure your model is truly correct before you take off quantities.