kreo takeoff

Take off quantities from BIM in minutes without the need for extensive training. Cloud-based tool with a simple interface, using artificial intelligence to accurately take off quantities at speed.

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Why Quantity Takeoff is Better with Kreo

Exact Quantities for Construction Activities

Kreo gives you exact quantities, as well as dimensions, so you can calculate precise construction activities for your cost estimate.

Artificial Intelligence for Fastest Quantity Takeoff

Kreo's AI does millions of calculations in seconds so you can get detailed QTO at speed.

Truly Integrated with your BIM model

Integrated with your BIM model - giving you dynamic quantity takeoff, updating your model.

More Accurate Measurement Geometry Elements

Get quantity takeoff to new level of accuracy, relying on the geometry of the BIM elements in your model.

What Makes Kreo Takeoff Unique

  • Artificial Intelligence for Fastest Quantity Takeoff

    Only solution using AI for quantity takeoff

    Kreo lets you take off quantities from BIM faster than ever because it uses artificial intelligence to speed up calculations.

  • Accurate Measurement Geometry Elements

    Only system to measure dimensions using geometry

    QTO automation tools can pick up an element's dimensions pretty easily... but they're usually inaccurate. Kreo Takeoff is truly accurate, as it calculates dimensions from the element’s geometry.

  • Only system that can clean up your BIM model

    Kreo Takeoff uniquely groups BIM elements by name and by their representative dimensions. This means you can be more accurate before you start QTO.

  • Integrated with your BIM model

    Only system to truly integrate QTO with BIM

    You can visualise quantities in the 3D model, zooming in or getting cross-sections of the model to understand each element’s position in the design.


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Got a large team? Write us and we'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

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