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Kreo is a complete pre-construction planning and design solution for better project outcomes.


The construction industry's profit margins will only improve if companies get pre-construction planning right.

Kreo uses AI to create your 4D and 5D BIM model - giving you an accurate cost and schedule to start with. Kreo is a Common Data Environment (CDE) on the cloud so can be shared with any of your teams globally.

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Kreo automates:

  • BIM Model Validation
  • BIM Quantity Take-off
  • BIM Cost Estimation
  • 4D Scheduling
  • 'What-if' Scenarios
  • BIM-based Tendering & Bid Pricing
  • Get an instant plan to make real decisions based on fact, instead of relying on gut instinct. See for yourself in a free trial.

Kreo Plan Features

BIM Model Validation

Machine learning identifies and classifies BIM model elements.

BIM Quantity Takeoff

Quantity takeoff for each BIM element according to NRM requirements.

"What-If" Scenarios

Create a whole range of scenarios for a project schedule and cost.