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Cloud-based 4D and 5D BIM software with artificial intelligence at its core. Take off quantities, estimate costs, produce Gantt charts and 4D simulations, run scenarios, price bids faster and better. AI-powered BIM technology that does the work for you.


Avoid risk and reach BIM Level 2 when you use Kreo Plan for your pre-construction planning. BIM should make construction project predictions more accurate. But under tight time and resource constraints, AEC professionals struggle to use BIM to its full potential. Enter machine learning! Kreo supports every aspect of pre-construction planning.

BIM Model Validation

Kreo uses machine learning to identify and classify BIM model elements. It takes into account the geometry of a BIM element and its other attributes, ensuring the highest accuracy of the classification. With Kreo you can be sure that all BIM elements are accounted for.

  • AI-powered BIM element classification under Uniclass or MasterFormat

  • BIM model check for soft and hard clashes

BIM Quantity Takeoff

Kreo generates detailed bills of quantities by default. It performs quantity takeoff for each BIM element according to the units of measurement specified in the model and follows NRM requirements.

  • Full BIM element count

  • Automated measurements under New Rules of Measurement

  • 3D visualisation of BIM elements to audit quantities and measurements

  • Automated generation of Bills of Quantities (BoQs)

BIM Cost Estimation

Kreo automatically generates the cost estimate of a BIM construction project. It uses AI to assign activities and resources to each BIM element. Kreo provides full integration with leading cost data providers - BCIS in the UK. You can also use your internal cost database.

The estimate provides a detailed breakdown of costs for each activity (labour, plant and materials). Kreo takes into consideration the following factors that influence a cost budget:

  • Quantitative and qualitative gang composition

  • Site congestion and overstaffing

  • Resource limitations

  • Sequence of activities

  • Work packaging

Depending on your preference, Kreo produces the work breakdown structure or WBS of the project according to NRM

  • Automated generation of detailed cost estimates

  • Integration with leading cost data providers (BCIS, RS Means) or your own cost database

  • Measurement accuracy exceeding NRM requirements


Kreo's AI-based optimisation and scheduling engine creates a project master schedule. It runs a large number of simulations to find the optimal balance between cost and time. To achieve this balance Kreo considers the following factors:

  • Pre-programmed sequencing rules

  • User-defined resource limits

  • Resource levelling

  • Activity flow by work package

  • Spatial limitations

Kreo automatically generates a 4D simulation of the construction process. With Kreo's cloud-based 4D BIM tool you can:

  • View 4D BIM model in your browser and share it with other team members

  • Hide/select groups of elements or sections of the model to show different team members

  • Change the sequence of activities within the model

  • Attach comments or RFIs to an activity or a BIM element

  • Notify all relevant team members of comments or RFIs

  • Keep a log of all communications to keep track of changes

Kreo's speed and ease of use unlocks 4D BIM's true potential

  • Automated generation of a construction schedule

  • Automated resource loading and activity sequencing

  • Automated resource levelling

  • 4D simulation of the schedule

  • Automated Gantt chart generation

  • AI-based optimisation engine (optimises for cost, time, productivity, space)

  • Adjustable resource limitations, sequencing logic and construction methods

  • Customisable knowledge base (resources, construction methods, sequence logic)

What if Scenario Analysis

Create a whole range of scenarios for a project schedule and cost. Analyse significant cost and duration drivers. Test your assumption in a matter of minutes.

A side-by-side scenario comparison is a powerful tool for:

  • Cost planning

  • Risk analysis

  • Value engineering

  • Pre-tender estimating

Thanks to Kreo's high level of automation and intelligence, you have more time to refine cost estimates and schedules.

  • Run and compare a range of scenarios in a matter of minutes

  • Set your productivity drivers, construction methods and resource limitations

  • Identify value creation opportunities

  • Identify potential risks

BIM-based Tendering & Bid Pricing

Kreo is a unique platform for online tendering and bidding for BIM-based projects. With Kreo, bid managers can price bids and get pre-tender estimates within days. Kreo breaks the whole project into work packages automatically. It groups activities by trade and ensures their uninterrupted flow. You can adjust package size and composition with minimal effort.

Once you have chosen your work packages, you can use Kreo's online platform to launch RFQs, RFPs and tenders. You can invite bidders by email. After registration and authentication, bidders can access their package information online. They have access to detailed bills of quantities, a project schedule and 4D model.

The bidders can submit their bids simply by completing Kreo's online form. Once it has been submitted, Kreo compares the bids and ranks them. You can shortlist and nominate winners and notify them online. Finally, you can check the impact of the selected bids on the project master schedule and cost budget.

  • Automated work packaging

  • Automated generation of BoQs, cost estimates and schedules by work package

  • Invite subcontractors to online project portal

  • Provide each bidder with the bill of quantities and schedule with 4D visualisation

  • Allow subcontractors to submit their bids online

  • Compare all submitted bids online and select the best one in each package

  • Update master schedule and cost estimate to incorporate winning bids

Dashboard with Analytics

Kreo creates interactive dashboards to summarise the essential information about your project. A visual presentation of the data helps to identify areas requiring further analysis. It also makes communication with key stakeholders and decision-makers much easier.

  • Visualise key cost and schedule drivers of the project

  • Compare scenarios

  • Review resource utilisation

  • Improve communication with key stakeholders with a powerful reporting tool

Knowledge Base & Database

Whether it is a new construction method, sequence logic or a business rule, Kreo can help you capture this knowledge and re-use it. With each new BIM project, the accumulated knowledge improves the speed and quality of the outputs.

This combination of expert knowledge and machine intelligence has the potential to transform your business

  • Capture and reuse experts' knowledge

  • Create custom construction methods, sequencing logic, resource requirements, productivity drivers

  • Share your knowledge within your company

How it works

Immediately export your project from Revit into Kreo in four simple steps. Follow these simple steps to get your project from Revit into Kreo Plan today.

  • step 1

    Find and install Kreo in the Autodesk app store

    kreo-view step one Download
  • step 2

    Run the plugin in Revit

    kreo-view step two
  • step 3

    Create a Kreo account

    kreo-view step three
  • step 4

    Upload to Kreo from Revit

    kreo-view step four

Key features

Kreo Plan is ready for all AEC professionals to start using on their projects. Everything you need to plan your construction project - no matter what your role! We outline our main user profiles below and ways that Kreo Plan supports each role.


Activity sequence
Activity assignment
Resource limitation
Gantt charts
Resource schedule
Resource levelling
What if scenario analysis
4D BIM construction simulation
Reporting in MS Excel and MS Project
Choose the sequence of construction activities
Assign activities
Set resource limitations
resource schedule
resource leveling
4d bim
report planner

BIM specialists

Upload projects from Revit
Model check
Issue lists
Classify BIM elements
revit export
model check
export issues

Project managers

Role and access management
Team management
Scenario management
Collaboration mode
Project chat
Reports and charts
access settings
team management
scenario management
collaboration mode
project chart

Cost estimators

Quantity takeoff
Price books
Resource databases
Cost estimates
NRM, UniClass, WP Grouping
What if scenario analysis
Reporting in MS Excel
quantity take off
price books
resource database
cost estimate
what if analysis
kreo plan reports

Bid managers

Work Packaging
Bid comparison
Impact analysis
bid manager wp
bid manager rfq
bid comparison
impact analysis


Work Package visualisation
Work Package quantities
Online bidding
work process visualization
subconstractor project data
subconstractor bidding

Kreo Automates

  • BIM Classification
  • BIM model checking for errors and collisions
  • Quantity takeoff
  • Measurement extraction
  • Activity, cost, resource loading
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Activity sequencing
  • Resource levelling
  • Gantt charts
  • 4D modelling and visualisation
  • Work packaging
  • What if scenarios
  • Report generation
  • Comparing, evaluating and ranking bids

Project Managers

  • Initiate the project
  • Appoint their team
  • Track progress
  • Review scenarios submitted
  • Approve base schedule and cost budget
  • Approve work packages

BIM Specialists

  • Share the BIM model with all stakeholders
  • Check and sign off on BIM classification
  • Correct errors and collisions
  • Coordinate design effort
  • Ensure that the BIM model is up-to-date

QS/Cost Estimators

  • Check quantities
  • Check measurements
  • Check prices, costs and specifications
  • Run scenarios to optimise cost budget
  • Check if cost optimisation affects overall project KPIs
  • Submit valid scenarios for PM consideration / approval

Planners/Program managers

  • Check activity assignment
  • Check activity sequence
  • Check resource loading
  • Run scenarios to optimise schedule and resource usage
  • Check if schedule optimisation affects overall project KPIs
  • Submit valid scenarios for PM consideration / approval

BID Managers

  • Check work packages
  • Adjust/change work packages
  • Run scenarios to optimise work packages
  • Submit subcontractor list for approval
  • Initiate and run tenders/RFPs/RFQs online
  • Submit winning bids for approval


The most accurate way to do pre-construction planning.


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