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kreo plan

AI-powered cloud software for contractors' pre-constructions teams

Kreo Plan: The Vision

Reduce bidding costs and improve the accuracy and quality of bid pricing!
By using Kreo to make pre-construction planning accurate and fast, you'll see projects predicted correctly and higher quality building.

Kreo Automates:

  • BIM Classification
  • BIM model checking for errors and collisions
  • Quantity takeoff
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Resource levelling
  • Gantt charts and report generation
  • 4D modelling and visualisation
  • Work packaging
  • Value engineering
  • Comparing, evaluating and ranking bids

Who Uses Kreo

Kreo Plan is ready for all AEC professionals to start using on their projects. Everything you need to plan your construction project - all in one common data environment!


Activity sequence
Activity assignment
Resource limitation
Gantt charts
Resource schedule
Resource levelling
What if scenario analysis
4D BIM construction simulation
Choose the sequence of construction activities
Assign activities
Set resource limitations
resource schedule
resource leveling
4d bim

Cost estimators

Quantity takeoff
Price books
Resource databases
Cost estimates
NRM, UniClass, WP Grouping
What if scenario analysis
Reporting in MS Excel
quantity take off
price books
resource database
cost estimate
what if analysis
kreo plan reports

Project managers

Role and access management
Team management
Scenario management
Collaboration mode
Project chat
Reports and charts
access settings
team management
scenario management
collaboration mode
project chart

Bid managers

Work Packaging
Bid comparison
Impact analysis
Work Package visualisation
Work Package quantities
Online bidding
bid manager wp
bid manager rfq
bid comparison
impact analysis
work process visualization
subconstractor project data
subconstractor bidding
kreo download

Kreo Integrates with Revit

Get Revit Plugin


  • Who is Kreo Plan for?

    Kreo Plan is for anyone who has a BIM model that they need to correct, analyse or report on. Typical users are BIM managers in main contractor companies or construction consultants.

  • What’s the benefit of using Kreo Plan?

    Kreo is cloud-based so you can share and collaborate on the same BIM model with all of your project stakeholders, regardless of what software they use normally. It integrates with Revit or you can upload an IFC BIM model. Kreo federates BIM models for you and can take on any size of model without slowing down.

    Kreo Plan is a one-stop shop for pre-construction cost and schedule estimation. By integrating cost and schedule, you can see the impact one discipline has on the other – and all of this is dynamically linked to the BIM model.

  • Who are Kreo’s main customers?

    Kreo Plan’s main customers are main contractors, such as Bouygues Construction. Cost consultants such as Cast Consultancy also use Kreo Plan.

  • How does Kreo use artificial intelligence?

    Kreo uses machine learning to identify and classify BIM model elements. It takes into account the geometry of a BIM element and its other attributes, ensuring the highest accuracy of the classification.

  • What cost data does Kreo use?

    Kreo provides full integration with leading cost data providers (e.g. BCIS in the UK), and Kreo has its own cost database that is scraped from publically available data 24/7 by its AI engine. Kreo can help you create your own cost database at speed, with the help of Kreo's machine learning.

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