Free eBook: A new volumetric modular design approach with Kreo Modular

Offsite manufacturing and modular construction have become a predominant trend in the building design and construction industry.

Discover how our SaaS solution, Kreo Modular, is embracing this new wave of thinking towards:

🎯 A more precise approach for design and construction using pre-designed kit of parts

💲 Optimised concept designs at a fraction of the cost through computational modelling

📆 Accurate early planning and standardisation

👷 Reduction of complex site-based labour

Fewer delays in the design phase

✔️ Improved collaboration and productivity

Download here our newest eBook for a comprehensive and detailed description of Kreo Modular including a real-life applicable case study

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What's inside?

Building typology

A detailed overview of what constitutes a modular system and the layout of a building

Building system

How to tune the architectural and structural schemes of a modular building

Design process

Learn more about our generative and pro modes and understand which matches your needs

Platform validity

How industry professionals, including developers, contractors, manufacturers and cost consultants can use Kreo Modular and what are the benefits


A sustainable development starts at the very beginning of the project briefing and Kreo Modular plays an important role in facilitating this

Case study

A real life applicable case study to demonstrate the role and value of Kreo Modular within the construction and building design industry

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