AI-assisted construction software solutions that help you avoid costly mistakes and reduce uncertainty from design brief and feasibility to tender stage


Construction projects that overrun on time and budget often do so because the initial sketch for the tender is relied upon too heavily. Architects under tight time constraints have to base estimations on very little information, which gets carried through into the next phase.

Kreo's AI creates BIM models for you so you can start from a realistic initial estimate. This will help everyone involved in the project get estimates right from the start.

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"Say goodbye to time-consuming work on standard buildings at concept stage!"

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Get Ahead of the Competition

Now we are ready to help you achieve seamless project planning by allowing you to estimate your cost and schedule directly from Kreo Design. 

By incorporating our technology from Kreo Plan into the Design platform, you will be able to bid on more projects and achieve more accuracy than ever before.

Sound too good to be true?

GIS Mapping
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Built-in Architectural Assemblies
Built in architectural assemblies
Floor Plan Design
Floor plan design

What Makes Kreo Different?

AI is the buzzword of 2018. Yes lots of software companies claim to use AI in their solutions. So what makes Kreo any different? The answer: its people.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning would not exist without the humans painstakingly training and fixing it.

Our team of mathematicians, engineers and architects have spent two years developing Kreo. The machine picks up errors greater than companies have ever been able to do before - potentially saving companies millions in the long run.

What is Kreo Trying to Achieve?

Digitalisation is defined by Gartner as "the process of moving to a digital business". Many companies believe that by "doing BIM" they are digital enough. 

We know that BIM is not being truly adopted and businesses in the AEC industry are the least digital of our times... until now.

Kreo is excited to play a critical part in the AEC industry's digital transformation. By making BIM accessible to more people, Kreo believes companies will finally be able to unleash the power of BIM to become more collaborative, productive and profitable.