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kreo design

We automate the routine so you can be creative

Kreo Design gives you architectural, structural and MEP design in a Common Data Environment (CDE). Get dynamic schedules, material take offs, and reports in real time.

What is BIM design?

Simply select the shape, size and location of your proposed building on a map. Kreo Design uses artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly create a complete BIM model. It incorporates massing and optimises the building shape for the surrounding local conditions. Uniquely, Kreo Design integrates the architectural, MEP and structural designs into a CDE. Your construction project will finally be accurate from start to finish.

As the software is cloud-based, it is fast, secure, and doesn't require maintenance. You can collaborate on designs with multiple teams at once, without the hassle of downloading software or the need for BIM training.

After BIM design

Kreo Design lets you export your BIM models to Autodesk Revit. Or you can use Kreo Plan to automatically build your 4D and 5D models from your conceptual BIM design. By saving time on the basics, you can spend your time on accuracy and creativity. Try out Kreo Design today and transform how you use BIM.


  • GIS Integration

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    The construction site and its surrounding infrastructure have a major impact on the shape of a building. Kreo Design extracts up-to-date information about your chosen site area for you to build a precise model that best fits the site’s location, size and shape. Our solution also automatically calculates a variety of critical parameters, such as wind and snow loads, external temperature, building orientation, etc.

    • Up-to-date information about urban development
    • User-friendly building shape designer
    • Automated compliance with building codes based on the building’s geolocation and type
    • Building orientation optimisation based insolation analysis (coming soon)
  • Massing for office buildings

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    Kreo Design uses sophisticated algorithms for transforming primitive shapes on a map to an optimal building shape.

  • Massing for residential buildings

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    With its machine learning algorithms, Kreo Design analyses all primitive shapes put on a map and returns a rating coefficient for a combination of shapes. Based on this prediction (finding the same forms from our dataset) and your preferences, Kreo Design automatically generates construction sections.

    • Automated assessment of a building shape
    • Intelligent generation of construction sections
  • Reinforced concrete frame design and engineering for office and multi-storey residential buildings

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    Kreo Design automatically generates reinforced concrete frames for multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. By using intelligent algorithms, it implements the optimal fit for technical and economic indicators of a building frame. For open-plan offices, Kreo provides:

    • Placement of a structural core module
    • Placement of the structural columns
    • Boundary points processing

    For residentials, the following options are available under the floor plan generation:

    • Placement of an elevator shaft for the core module
    • Placement of the structural columns and walls
    • Optimisation based on the correlation of vertical and horizontal struсtures’ gravity centres
  • Floor plan design

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    Using machine learning algorithms trained on a vast proprietary dataset, Kreo Design:

    • Generates a floor plan for residential buildings
    • Optimises a floor plan for different categories of buildings
    • Adjusts a floor plan according to your preferences
    • Aligns a floor plan with the structural frame
  • Built in architectural assemblies

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    Kreo Design generates a building's architectural model based on a construction model for open-plan offices - and vice versa for residential buildings. Machine learning algorithms make it possible to build both a ground and a typical floor. Facade refinement is automatic based on the assembly type. A user is able to change wall and framing types, and the architectural model will automatically adjust.

  • Architectural design

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    Doors and windows are generated by artificial intelligence algorithms. The interior walls are built based on the location within a section and the functional use of the premises. As a result, Kreo Design delivers a realistic model of a building with all the facilities included (e.g. elevators, stairways, balconies, entrance halls). For residential buildings, structural elements are hidden in the walls, while elevator shafts are engineered with high precision.

  • Revit integration

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    By enabling the export of an architectural and structural models to Autodesk Revit, Kreo Design lets you fine-tune the models for production-grade usage. As an output, you get the Revit-compatible file with the built-in specifications and schedules of architectural and construction elements.

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