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Create the advanced concept design for your feasibility study with minimal effort and no training. Share and collaborate on your model in the cloud.

Take your concept design to a new level with Kreo Design

Kreo's AI enables you to design a residential or commercial building that meets the core objectives of RIBA Stage 4. Unprecedented accuracy from day one will give you a real idea of the cost and schedule of your project before you embark on it.


Local insights from anywhere

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GIS Integration
Massing for office buildings
Massing for residential buildings

GIS Integration

The construction site and its surrounding infrastructure have a major impact on the shape of a building. Kreo Design extracts up-to-date information about your chosen site area to make sure your model fits the site’s location, size and shape. Kreo calculates a variety of critical parameters, e.g. wind and snow loads, external temperature, building orientation.

  • Up-to-date information about urban development

  • Generative design

  • Automated compliance with building codes based on the building’s geolocation and type

  • Building orientation optimisation based insolation analysis

Massing for office buildings

Kreo Design uses sophisticated algorithms to transform primitive shapes on a map into an optimal building shape.

Massing for residential buildings

With its machine learning algorithms, Kreo Design analyses primitive shapes and returns a rating coefficient for a combination of shapes. Based on this prediction (finding the same forms from our dataset and your preferences), Kreo automatically generates massing.

  • Automated assessment of a building shape

  • Intelligent massing


Speed up the basics to be more creative

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Floor plan design
Architectural design
Pre-defined architectural assemblies

Floor plan design

Using machine learning algorithms trained on a vast proprietary dataset, Kreo Design

Generates a floor plan for residential buildings:

  • Automated assessment of a building shape

  • Intelligent massing

Aligns a floor plan with the structural frame:

  • Optimises placing of structural elements

  • Works with steel and reinforced concrete frame elements

Architectural model

Kreo Design generates an architectural model of a building based on a construction model. Kreo's machine learning algorithms understand the difference between the ground floor and the other floors. The architectural model automatically adjusts according to your chosen wall and frame types. Kreo Design gives a realistic model of a building with all the facilities included (e.g. elevators, stairways, balconies and entrance halls).

Pre-assembled architectural components

Kreo Design generates standard compound layers to let you experiment with different external and internal walls, floors, etc. Each time you change a compound layer, Kreo recalculates, taking into account clash detection.

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Engineering to a new level in pre-construction

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Reinforced concrete frame design and engineering
Steel frame design and engineering
Optimisation of reinforced concrete structures
Optimisation of steel structures

Reinforced concrete frame design and engineering

Kreo Design automatically generates reinforced concrete frames. By using intelligent algorithms, Kreo implements the optimal fit for a building frame. With automatically generated reinforced concrete frames, Kreo serves two types of buildings:


For open plan offices, Kreo automatically works out:

  • Placement of the core

  • Placement of the structural columns

  • Boundary points

  • Divisions between open plan and other areas

  • Window placement based on insolation


For residentials, Kreo automates floor plan generation including optimised:

  • Lift shaft placement

  • Window placement

  • Placement of structural columns and walls

  • Door placement

  • Centres of gravity throughout structure

Steel frame structural design and engineering

Kreo Design automatically generates a steel frame for offices, taking into account construction best practices and British Standards Institution (BSI) recommendations. Kreo does this both for buildings without a preset layout and for standard floor layouts.

The frame scheme includes elements such as columns, tie beams and vertical bracing.

Standardisation of reinforced concrete structures

Kreo Design standardises the various sizes and reinforcement of a model's frame. Kreo optimises the building and assembling processes of reinforced concrete frame elements.

Standardisation of steel structures

Kreo Design automatically standardises steel frame elements, optimising for the typical sizes used and overall steel expenditure.

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Structural Engineering
Compliant with Eurocode

Be compliant with building codes

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Load calculation compliant with EN 1990/EN 1991
Reinforced concrete structures design compliant with EN 1992-1-1
Steel structures design compliant with EN1993-1-1

Load calculation compliant with EN 1990/EN 1991

Determining loads while complying with Building Codes on all elements of the building structure design requires time and resources. Kreo Design easily copes with this:

  • Automatically defines standard climate load values based on the building’s map coordinates

  • Automatically calculates permanent and imposed loads to be compliant with EN 1991, based on a frame type and architectural solutions (e.g. premises type, coating type of walls, floors, ceiling, etc.)

  • Automatic calculation design loads on all elements of the building structure

  • Automatic generation of load cases and their combinations in compliance with EN 1990

Reinforced concrete structures design compliant with EN 1992-1-1

Compliant with Eurocode 2 requirements, Kreo Design automates the multi-step process of designing reinforced concrete elements, achieving high-quality results with minimal effort. In a single click, Kreo gets the optimal dimensions of structural elements and checks their strength.

Steel structures design compliant with EN1993-1-1

In compliance with Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1-1) standards, Kreo Design automatically designs:

Steel frame elements:

  • Columns as compressed element with bending in two dimensions element

  • Beams as bending only or bending with compression element

  • Bracing as centrally compressed or stretched elements

Joints of steel frame elements (complying with EN 1993-1-8 and recommendations of P358 and P398 SCI):

  • Сolumn bases

  • Column, beam, and bracing splices

  • Beam to column connections

  • Beam to beam connections

  • Bracing connections


Smooth interactions between platforms

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Revit Integration
Kreo Plan Integration

Revit Integration

By enabling the export of architectural and structural models to Autodesk Revit, Kreo Design lets you fine-tune the models to be construction-ready. As an output, you get the Revit-compatible file with the built-in specifications and schedules of architectural and construction elements.

Kreo Plan Integration

The second option is to export the developed BIM model to Kreo Plan, to continue your advanced planning of the construction process:

  • Creating BIM quantity takeoff

  • BIM cost estimation

  • BIM-based tendering and bid pricing

  • 4D scheduling

You can create your accurate design-build project in Kreo Design in as few as ten steps

The fastest way to design a 3D BIM model that is compliant, integrated and ready to build.

Enter a small amount of data about the project

Сombine building units/blocks using simple shapes and lines

Adjust heights of different building units/blocks

Create a project with your custom data

Invite colleagues and collaborate

Correct floor plans

Use Kreo's component assemblies

Walk through the model, check reports

Integrate it with Revit and Kreo Plan

Complete design and build

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