Kreo: Powerful and affordable cloud takeoff software for construction estimating

Easily measure dimensions and take off quantities and materials lists from PDF plans and CAD drawings

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Why Kreo


Higher Productivity

Boost your productivity with AI-enabled takeoff and measurement automation tools


Error-free Quantities

Easily check quantities, trace measurements to drawings. Changes in measurements on plans  are automatically updated in the spreadsheet


Flexible Workflow

Our bulit-in spreadsheet allows you to create quickly your own estimates, quotes or materials lists without leaving the app 

Work Together
Better Collaboration

Improve collaboration with your colleagues, clients and suppliers by sharing online your estimates and material takeoff reports

Key Features

AI-powered Automation


Auto Measure

Auto Measure

Auto Count

Auto Count

Auto Scale

Auto Scale



Simple Tools

Access anytime from anywhere


Works on PC and Mac


Secure storage

All-in-one Tool



Linear, area, perimeter, item count 

Measurements operations

US standard scales in ft and in


Online Spreadsheet with formulas

Affordable Pricing for Any Business

Single User

41.99 27.99
38.99 24.99
per month (paid annually)

 Unlimited users
♾️ Unlimited projects
♾️ Unlimited storage
❌ Team access
 API access


48.99 34.99
45.66 31.66
per month / per user (paid annually)

♾️ Unlimited users
♾️ Unlimited projects
♾️ Unlimited storage
✅ Team access
❌ Integrations
❌ API access


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♾️ Unlimited users
♾️ Unlimited projects
♾️ Unlimited storage
✅ Team access
✅ Integrations
✅ API access

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"I think where Kreo has done a real benefit to what we as Quantity Surveyors write down on a scrap piece of paper or using generic storyboards, the UX design that’s gone into Kreo is something that just can’t be underestimated. The fact that the buttons are all where the buttons should be as a user; the options to modify anything that you’ve carried out or to move it from one location to another, or to re-group your takeoffs, all of those bits & pieces that should be very simple are very simple. Other software I’ve used hasn’t been as simple as that. So the actual friendliness & user experience is exceptionally good"

George Pleasance

Senior Cost Consultant

Built to empower every team

 Solve problems unique to every function

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Have any questions?

Does Kreo support measurements in inches and feet?

Yes. You can easily change the scale from metric to Imperial or English units in the Settings 

Which system requirements should my computer meet?

Kreo 2D Takeoff is a cloud-based platform. Forget about system requirements and constant app's re-installation & computer reboots. Work on Windows or Mac, work anytime and from anywhere. 

Do you offer training webinars?


Kreo 2D Takeoff is a customer-focused solution. Our extremely friendly support team is always ready to help you with any questions you have and set up the necessary number of totally FREE training sessions.  

How can I work together with my colleagues in your software?

Kreo 2D Takeoff offers real-time collaboration. Work together with the team within one project. Share the final outputs with your colleagues. Present your work and get live feedback online.  

Why is the price so low?

Kreo 2D Takeoff is a product built on respect for users. The aim of our solution is to offer the most efficient product at the maximum affordable price 😊

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