AI-assisted construction software solutions that help you avoid costly mistakes and reduce uncertainty from design brief and feasibility to tender stage

Generative Design Tool for Buildings

Kreo creates a set of simple designs for you using AI. Then you can discover everything about the design: from number of units to cost of building.

Kreo is the easiest generative design software to use. Get higher quality designs for your space planning. 

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Test more

Test multiple design options without having to involve other parties at every stage

Save time

Integrate architectural and structural models from the start to reduce need for design changes

Increase efficiency

RIBA Stage 2 in minutes. Cost estimation has never been so fast!

What Our Customers Say

Cast Consultancy are using Kreo to understand how it can reduce risk, time to market and apply design-to-manufacture principles to architecture, engineering & construction.

Cast Consultancy

Generate floor plans

Kreo generates the optimal configuration of apartments in your proposed building. You can adjust the blocks in the building and the square footage of the apartment easily. Kreo optimises the space down to corridor placement.

Massing for residential buildings

Kreo’s algorithms allow you to create building designs based on site modelling and planning conditions. You can customise site properties such as dimensions and site boundaries to decide on the most suitable building shape. Kreo also gives you multiple options for building block combinations.