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Kreo is a complete pre-construction planning and design solution for better project outcomes.

FREE EBOOK: ( FINALLY ) Unleashing the Potential of 4D & 5D BIM

Despite the undeniable potential of 4D and 5D BIM - and its power to transform the construction industry for the better - it has failed to capture the imagination of professionals. This ebook explores why that is - and discusses whether technology could be about to disrupt the industry, and finally unleash the potential of BIM.

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The State of Construction Bidding, Tendering and Pricing Report 2018 Front Cover

Finally Unleashing the Potential of 4D & 5D BIM

This eBook covers...


The ‘problems in the past’ that have inhibited the potential of BIM from day one.


The time poverty that affects all stakeholders in construction projects - and how we can shake off the shackles to do better work.


How technology is poised to remove time constraints, end the adversarial spirit in the industry, and - finally - help everyone work together, in the original spirit of BIM.