Digitalise the real estate feasibility study process to make it simple

Early feasibility studies are too time-consuming

According to conversations with Kreo’s clients, the average feasibility study takes around six weeks. It can cost anything from tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds just to get an understanding of a project’s value. This gets you to RIBA Stage 2, or concept design stage. Your project predictions are still mostly guesswork.

how long it takes to do early feasibility studies

It takes six weeks to do a feasibility... five of those weeks are spent going back and forth with architects and clients disputing redesigns.

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What slows the feasibility study process

The process for starting a feasibility study is long and convoluted. The client is unable to express their design intent to the architect. The architect has to enter into a kind of bartering process to get a cost estimate. The parties involved in design and cost estimation don't work in collaboration.


Transform feasibility studies with advanced technology

With the right technology, the feasibility study becomes quick and easy.  

Here's how Kreo's feasibility study tool works:

  1. Add your cost and other project information to the Kreo interface
  2. See the designs Kreo's artificial intelligence suggests
  3. Tweak the design and see the cost data change in real-time
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Kreo offers a single version of the truth, from acquisition to design.

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