Kreo BIM takeoff

Kreo BIM Takeoff

AI-powered construction takeoff software - get your BIM-based quantity takeoff quickly and easily

Kreo BIM Takeoff allows you to:

  • Remove barriers to BIM adoption for takeoffs and cost estimating
  • Reduce time for getting measurements
  • Improve collaboration with your team, clients and other stakeholders via cloud-based access to projects
  • Minimize errors and increase accuracy
  • Reduce cost of preparing bills of quantities and bidding

Easily transition to BIM quantity takeoff 

What can Kreo do for you?

Upload the BIM model to the cloud quickly, where you can view it together with your collaborators

Why is it important to you?

You don’t need to install any BIM related software, such as Revit, Tekla, ArchiCAD, etc. Upload your model to the browser directly and access it online. Start working with BIM straight away

What can Kreo do for you?

Allows you to collaborate and discuss issues, connected with your BIM model’s design and taking off quantities, in real time

Why is it important to you?

You and your colleagues have a single storage for all the BIM models in the cloud as well as online access to them

What can Kreo do for you?

Allows you to explore properties of BIM elements as well as their 3D view

Why is it important to you?

Discuss all the issues with your BIM model via the built-in messenger from within the BIM model, not wasting time on emails

Minimize errors and increase the accuracy of the quantity takeoff

What can Kreo do for you?

Kreo automates measurement and takeoff from federated IFC and Revit models

Why is it important to you?

  • You save a lot of time and  avoid mistakes by extracting quantities from combined (federated) models rather than stitching together quantities from each individual model (architecture, structure, MEP)
  • You don’t need to think how to measure the element’s size, area, volume, etc.
  • You get accurate measurements you need to prepare Quantity Takeoff and Bill of Quantity in a matter of minutes
  • Calculate absolutely any geometric value necessary for a BOQ

What can Kreo do for you?

Shows how quantities have been obtained and provides a 3D Ruler for you to make sure of measurement reliability

Why is it important to you?

  • You will always be confident in the measurement accuracy and reliability and you will  not have to waste lots of time on double checking everything
  • It will be much easier for your supervisors, colleagues and clients, check the report and see if the received measurements are correct

Flexible and fast bills of quantities for cost estimating

What can Kreo do for you?

Kreo creates different breakdown of quantities, including your own custom formats. You can filter out and group BIM elements according to their properties

Why is it important to you?

  • You save huge amounts of time on collating, arranging and customising report layouts
  • You get any hierarchical structure of your quantities quickly
  • A group out BIM elements easily and simply, as you like: by materials, categories, Revit or IFC parameters, floors, sections, rooms etc.
  • You get automatic classification of BIM elements according to the most common classification systems: NRM1, NRM2, Uniformat, Masterformat, UniSystem, UniProduct

What can Kreo do for you?

Creates the final quantity takeoff sheets and bills of quantities reports to work on cost planning and estimating

Why is it important to you?

  • You quickly get a report based on a ready-made template in accordance with industry-standard cost breakdown structures (NRM, Masterformat, etc.) or use your own template from any of your previous projects
  • Add either individual elements along with their quantities or entire groups of elements to the report quickly
  • You can either include or exclude the relevant quantities from the report as well as sum up the quantities at any level of the hierarchy
  • Manipulate with all the BIM data in your report without changing the original model




  • Up to two projects
  • Model browsing
  • Model verifying
  • Automated takeoff
  • Report customization
  • Approximate costs report




  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Reports version control
  • Collaboration/Permission control
  • Unlimited Free Guest Accounts
  • Model Fixer
  • Excel Reports Download
  • Monthly/Yearly subscription
  • Customer Support
Starting from

£ 120 excluding VAT

per month / per user


  • Custom solutions for enterprise clients: custom breakdown structure, API, additional language support, special cases of measurements calculation support etc.
  • Live meetings
  • Live platform training
  • You will be involved in the platform improvement and can influence our future development

Magomed Galaev

CEO and Founder Kreo


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