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Kreo is a complete pre-construction planning and design solution for better project outcomes.


Considering developing residential or office buildings? 

Imagine if you could get an initial idea of where and what to build straight away. Before even going to an architect, engineer or consultant.

Artificial intelligence can now do this for you. From a few simple inputs, Kreo Design can work out the best solution for your plot of land. It even gives you a cost estimate on the building.

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"There’s no doubt the AI future has arrived – wow!

"An investment in this kind of software could give the competitive edge for standard build projects; anything that aids the design process can help shorten the build programme and help to reduce costs."

John Smith, Cityzen


Design, cost, schedule

With Kreo, you can instantly get an idea of what your project could look like, how much it will cost and how long it will take to build.

Artificial intelligence will never take the jobs of architects and engineers - you'll still need to take your designs to experts. But Kreo can help you get a better starting point instead of always starting from scratch. Furthermore, if the architects and designers continue in Kreo, they can make multiple iterations in a fraction of the time it would usually take. This gives you more accurate plans than ever before.

Why should I care?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a revolutionary technology that is fast transforming the construction industry. No more 2D drawings - clients need information on every element in the building, from the type of concrete down to the size of screws.

It takes architects and engineers weeks to create an initial BIM design, which means waiting that long again to get your cost and schedule estimations for the project.

If you could give your teams an accurate starting point to work from (rather than an initial architectural sketch), you would not only get to your desired outcome faster, but you'll also truly understand the ROI for your project from day one.

How does Kreo work?

Kreo has been trained by humans over the last few years to learn from its mistakes. It has learned from thousands of projects to understand optimal designs for standard buildings, and it continues to learn as you use it.

Kreo's two main products are Kreo Plan and Kreo Design. Kreo Plan creates cost and schedule estimations within minutes. Kreo Design lets you create BIM models from scratch without any training.

Artificial intelligence has been slow to enter the architecture, engineering & construction industry and some worry about it taking their jobs. We reassure professionals that quite the inverse is true: AI will give them the chance to be more creative as they spend less time on repetitive calculations.