AI-assisted construction software solutions that help you avoid costly mistakes and reduce uncertainty from design brief and feasibility to tender stage


Traditional cost-led design is vague and inaccurate.

When you demonstrate cost breakdowns to your client, you're rarely able to demonstrate anything other than a spreadsheet.

Design changes add another element of difficulty to the process and disputes add another five weeks to getting your feasibility study ready.

Kreo gives you a truly accurate cost estimate from day one, with a visual brief that is dynamically linked to the cost model.

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cost-led design

It takes around six weeks to get a cost estimate for an average feasibility study. Design decisions and changes take time to plan and agree on. Each design change impacts the cost, which in turn needs further discussion.

Kreo can shorten this process to a day, as the building design is created simultaneously with the cost estimate. The model is linked to the cost, so any design changes you make will be visible both in the model and the cost breakdown. Kreo gives you a visual brief linked to your strategic brief.

Faster Feasibility with Kreo

Construction cost and architectural consultant

Visual Brief

Instantly visualise the impact of a design change on the cost to build.


Make design changes in the moment with fast, intuitive user interface.

Increase Efficiency

Transfer brief directly to tender documents to kick off the bidding process.

What Our Customers Say

Cast Consultancy are using Kreo to understand how it can reduce risk, time to market and apply design-to-manufacture principles to architecture, engineering & construction.

Cast Consultancy

Optimise Massing

Kreo uses artificial intelligence to optimise the number of buildings for your chosen site location. It bases its decision on a few parameters from you, surrounding buildings, sunlight and other calculations. 

Optimise Floor Plans

Kreo optimises residential apartments for the best use of space based on thousands of designs it has learned from. Kreo enables generative design for architecture without compromising the structural model.

Automated Quantity Takeoff

Once you have your BIM model, add it to Kreo Takeoff and get quantities instantly. Kreo's AI recognises all the BIM elements in your model, classifies them and takes off quantities instantly. Export into Excel with NRM data for your bill of quantities.