Why Kreo is back at Digital Construction Week

In 2018, Kreo launched Kreo Design at Digital Construction Week. This year, Kreo will be showcasing new features and products, but the highlight will be something completely different...

Kreo is ready to help the industry fix pre-construction planning for good. In the last year Kreo saw a boost of new contacts thanks to attending events like Digital Construction Week. Discussions in and around these events made it possible to understand the real problems behind the early stages of construction.

As expected, many of the problems revolved around change management. The construction industry is alongside the agricultural industry in its reluctance to modernise. But, as Mark Farmer from Cast would say, it's time to "modernise or die". Companies who don't take advantage of the technology available to them now will be left behind by competitors who got ahead.

Another key issue Kreo found in pre-construction planning was the propensity to blame others for problems, rather than accept responsibility.

Digital Construction Week BIM Workshop

On 16th October, Magomed Galaev, CEO & Founder of Kreo, will join forces with Tony Gosling, Chief Digital Officer of Pell Frischmann in a BIM Workshop. Together, they will introduce the biggest problems facing the industry. Then they’ll turn it over to the audience, who will be sitting in cross-functional groups. Each of the groups will have a challenge to solve. They will do this without blame, without excuse – just honesty.

The style of the workshop will be truly collaborative - the agenda will be as follows:

  • Magomed and Tony to introduce concept of systems thinking and raising challenges in pre-construction planning
  • Audience to work in cross-industry groups to work on a challenge set for them
  • If time, a quick summary of findings - if not, all findings to be summarised and sent to attendees after the event

Project teams need to work alongside each other, as well as with the Client, to ensure a project's success. Too often, teams will maintain the status quo by resorting to blame. It's not our fault the design is faulty - it's the architect's. We don't care about the schedule - we're only in charge of cost. Project collaboration should not be this difficult. The blame culture has to stop.

Honest discussions

Remember: what happens at DCW stays at DCW! While we’ll share the outcomes of our conversation, we will not report names. So feel free to talk openly about project failures as much as your successes. The aviation industry is a perfect example of where being open about failures leads to mistakes never happening twice. If construction took a leaf out of aviation’s book, we would see fewer health & safety issues, and project outcomes would meet their predictions.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get together with your peers:


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