What's so interesting about a 4D model?

Imagine a piece of software that could help you design a building from scratch, purely from drawing shapes on a map.

Now imagine software helping you create a 4D BIM model. Which is more exciting? We had assumed it would be the former. At Digital Construction Week, we had imagined people coming to the Kreo stand asking to see our shiny new product, Kreo Design. It has the potential to transform the job of architects and could deliver companies profits previously unimaginable. But everyone wanted us to demonstrate Kreo Plan and its 4D model functionality. Why?

A different kind of 4D model

In all likelihood, the reason people were so excited was because of the platform itself. Time and again, people marvelled at its simplicity. You import a BIM model from Revit and Kreo Plan instantly works out the best schedule for the project using artificial intelligence (AI).

AEC professionals still seem to struggle with the time dimension in BIM. You will usually see pages of Gantt charts, as that's what the construction industry is used to. Kreo gives you a Gantt chart (for those who need it) but encourages you to move away from tradition by automatically creating an interactive 4D model. By making the schedule visual, you will be able to see errors or changes to the sequence instantly, from the very start of BIM journey. There were a few other features people told us they liked about Kreo Plan:

  • It's cloud-based so you can share with any of your teams all over the world
  • It enables you to store all your information in a Common Data Environment (CDE)
  • User interface is intuitive, so requires no training

What's the benefit?

The people who came to see us at Digital Construction Week highlighted how important this issue is. With 4D BIM, you can quickly understand the impact even small errors will have on your project. According to KPMG's 2017 Global Construction Survey, only a quarter of projects are completed within 10% of their original deadline. That's an overwhelming majority of projects completed late. With the huge costs this incurs, not only in costs of extending the project, but also fines imposed, it's no wonder the construction industry's profit margins are so low.

At Kreo, we aim to turn around this statistic. By using AI to make 4D BIM accessible for all AEC professionals, we are confident companies will see their project timelines predicted more accurately. By mastering the dimension of time in the pre-construction planning stage, we predict more projects will achieve their deadlines and companies will see fewer problems further down the line.

What's next?

Kreo generates a 4D visualisation of the construction process, without any user interventionThe main reason you should use AI to set up your 4D model for you is so you can speed up your 5D BIM - getting accurate cost estimates. Luckily Kreo Plan can automatically estimate cost for your project too. One of the delegates at Digital Construction Week told us, "It sounds too good to be true". If you're thinking that, why don't you see for yourself? Request a free trial of Kreo Plan today.

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