Kreo Wins Award for its Cloud-Based 4D & 5D BIM Software with AI

Kreo uses sophisticated machine learning in its cloud-based building information modelling (BIM) software. It is designed to simplify the pre-construction planning and design process for firms within the architectural, engineering & construction (AEC) industry.

GoodFirms' recent award recognises Kreo as one the top BIM software providers in its industry, finding it to be a remarkably robust tool kit for any AEC professional to fulfil their operations.

GoodFirms is an industry-leading analysis and review platform helping B2B organisations find the best software for their field. They do this through evaluating key parameters such as Quality, Reliability and Ability, wherein functionality, features, interface, usability, pricing and benefits are all considered.

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What makes Kreo Unique according to GoodFirms?

Companies using Kreo for pre-construction planning can avoid risk and reach BIM Level 2 standards with minimal training. BIM predicts a construction project’s cost and schedule accurately and quickly. Kreo creates interactive dashboards to summarise essential information about projects. It makes communication seamless for key stakeholders and decision-makers. Kreo makes it easy for anyone involved in a project to share, view, and comment on BIM models without even having to understand it.

Kreo takes concept design to a new level with its artificial intelligence. Kreo's AI enables the user to design a residential or commercial building that meets the core objectives of RIBA Stage 4. Unique accuracy from day one gives clients a real idea of the cost and schedule of their respective projects before embarking on it. BIM takes a data-driven method to coordinate using the power of the cloud so that all stakeholders can work concurrently with up-to-date issue data. Kreo’s API gives clients access to virtually perform all functions provided in the web interface. With excellent features, laudable integrations, and compliant interface, the researchers at GoodFirms recognised Kreo as the best BIM system software.

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About GoodFirms


GoodFirms is a Washington DC-based research and review platform, which helps various users in choosing the best software by presenting the list of industry-leading software for various categories. It appraises the listed software on vital parameters like specialities, usability, and customer reviews and then sorts them based on their overall research score. This ranking-list highlights the top-performers and promotes the buying reliability of the software.

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