Kreo joins BIM Show Live to change the industry's perception of BIM

Kreo attended the construction industry event BIM Show Live as an exhibitor in February 2019.

The event was a good way to reach an audience already convinced of the need for change in the construction industry. 

Importance of BIM

Delays and cost overruns on construction projects stem, according to Kreo, from the pre-construction planning phase. Project plans go ahead even though they have been created by multiple organisations who have never spoken to each other. Companies do not share information freely and often base estimates on assumptions or previous experience, rather than digging into any detail.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) enables improved construction planning for three main reasons:

  • Digital - enabling faster collaboration
  • Visual - for higher productivity and ease of use
  • Detailed - enabling higher accuracy throughout the project

However, many companies still do not use BIM and most ignore its potential to get plans right from the start. Mainly with the excuse: it's easier to stick to what you know. But we know that the majority of projects go over time and over budget. So something has to change.

We are not the only organisation to notice the problems with BIM in the industry. A quick search of #BIM on twitter reveals a host of frustrated architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) experts. Magomed Galaev founded Kreo with a solution in mind: make BIM easy and people will do BIM!

Learn more about how Kreo can help in this video:

PLAN. AI-powered BIM Construction software.

Promoting the use of BIM

Rather than stand by and watch companies fail, Galaev worked on a solution for companies to get value from BIM. He ran a survey to find out where AEC professionals got stuck in the pre-construction planning process. He found that most professionals still use technology that is not fit for purpose, such as Excel, to do the majority of their planning. Many say it is easier to rely on tried and tested methods. Those who use BIM often fail to get value because it is hard to learn and to apply your knowledge under tight deadlines.

Galaev hired a team of mathematicians, engineers and software developers in Minsk, Belarus. There, they trained machine learning to solve a multitude of problems, such as BIM classification, quantity takeoff, cost and schedule estimates.

By automating these processes, professionals would be able to spend the time fixing their plan, rather than always starting from scratch. These tasks need to be kept in one platform, rather than separating them across many. This is why Kreo is on the cloud and can be shared with anyone for any aspect of the planning process. Finally - most importantly - whatever software you use must be user-centric. Kreo is quick to load and uses simple commands that you'll be used to in most computer programs.

Why BIM Show Live?

Kreo chose to exhibit at BIM Show Live to an audience of BIM converts. By reaching the early adopters of BIM, Kreo aims to build a stronger force to enable change in the industry. There are still a number of companies who fail to understand (or acknowledge) the underlying causes of the industry's failures. With more support from like-minded companies and professionals, this will change – and it will transform construction.

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