Kreo at Digital Construction Week

Kreo is exhibiting at Digital Construction Week 2018

As a brand new UK company, exhibiting at Digital Construction Week 2018 was Kreo's first chance to tell a broader audience how AI will transform BIM...

...and the audience loved it! Kreo's founder & CEO, Magomed Galaev, attended to answer questions about the vision for the company. He was on his feet non-stop throughout the two days, answering questions on AI, the future of BIM, and about the entire AEC industry's profit margins.

The group of expert mathematicians and engineers he hired (based in Belarus) spent two years developing the product and leading teams to train machine learning. Four of these experts were delighted to travel over to the UK for the first time to meet the people who would potentially purchase the platform. As over 150 people stopped by, they were able to run dozens of live demonstrations. They were proud to tell everyone about the human expertise behind Kreo's artificial intelligence.

Digital Construction Week Exclusive

For Digital Construction Week only, we offered the opportunity to take part in a live competition, where the winner would get a free project in Kreo Design. This is a ground-breaking new tool that aims to speed up the process of architectural design so that experts can work on accuracy and creativity.

How does Kreo Design work?

Find where you want to place your residential or office building in Kreo's GIS map. Draw the outline of the building using overlapping shapes. Choose how many floors you'd like... and that's it! Kreo uses artificial intelligence to create a complete BIM model in seconds. It incorporates massing and optimises the building shape for the surrounding local conditions.

The most impressive feature of this product is that it integrates the architectural, MEP and structural designs into a Common Data Environment. By finally getting the design of a building right from the start, you can make real estimations on how much the building will cost to build, or how long it will take. You'll be able to choose partners for the project more quickly and get an early indication of the design's feasibility.

Kreo Design also features:

  • Automatic floor plan creation: you can move walls around in the architectural design and still keep the structural design correct
  • Built-in architectural assemblies: automatically builds both a ground and a typical floor, and refines facades based on the assembly type
  • Architectural design: automatically get a realistic model of a building with all the facilities included, such as elevators, hallways, balconies, etc.

As the software is cloud-based, it is fast, secure, and doesn't require maintenance. You can collaborate on designs with multiple teams at once, without the hassle of downloading software or the need for BIM training. When you're happy with the design can export it directly to Revit, or you can keep it in Kreo... Kreo Plan uses AI to help you speed up the rest of the planning phase of your project.

What happened next?

Since the event, Kreo has had several interested parties register their interest and start pilots of the software. BIM+ magazine and Cityzen wrote positive articles about the futuristic nature of the software. The AEC industry is clearly ready for a solution to the challenges surrounding BIM. AI will, in the right hands, improve the quality of people's jobs, help companies get projects done on time and on budget and ultimately deliver higher profit margins to the construction industry. Request a demonstration to see how this could work for you and your company.

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