Emergent Artificial Intelligence Won't Cost You Your Construction Job

With new, emergent artificial intelligence finally breaking its way into our industry, some architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals tell us they are concerned about their jobs.

Once upon a time, there were calls to pull back on the introduction of technology in construction altogether because of worries surrounding the labour market. The introduction of artificial intelligence is no different.

We know that AEC professionals have nothing to worry about when it comes to new technologies taking their jobs. In fact, emergent artificial intelligence is making our industry more productive. This should inspire people to embrace it.

Here’s why there’s nothing to fear when it comes to emergent artificial intelligence...

Artificial Intelligence Is Your Friend

Let’s first dispel the sensationalised, Hollywood idea that AI is here to take over and lay waste to anything that gets in its path. This is simply not the case.

Emergent artificial intelligence is already starting to bring productivity to the construction industry in a variety of ways. It can help everyone perform better and get faster results.

New technology often meets cynicism and even fear, especially when it comes to the construction industry, but we believe AI offers practical assistance to your projects (with no sci-fi nonsense included!).

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AI Will Unleash Creativity and Collaboration


The AEC industry is collaborative and creative. Why then, would anyone turn their back on a way of increasing creativity and collaboration?

In the past, architects who drew by hand believed the introduction of CAD software would put them out of a job. That never happened. We rely on human ingenuity to thrive and no amount of artificial intelligence will change that.

Artificial intelligence takes care of tasks that would otherwise get in the way of your creativity and ability to collaborate. By automating menial tasks and allowing more time for creativity and collaboration, you can focus on the most important aspects of a project.

Practically this means that you have more freedom to communicate and you are planning better at every stage, with as little oversight as possible. Very simply, when our industry is free to be truly creative and collaborative, we can do our best work.

AI Might Not Be What You Think


Automation in construction offers us the opportunity to estimate costs and schedules like never before. For example, Kreo Plan makes use of this intelligent technology to estimate the costs and time to give you a more accurate overview of your project. The software does this in seconds to save you time and reduce the risk of miscalculation that can lead to further delays.

By incorporating these kinds of artificially intelligent tools into your processes, you will reap the benefits. These tools will make us more productive and accurate. Being more productive will certainly not threaten jobs - it will enhance them.

You Can Take on More Projects


As well as unleashing creativity and collaboration, one of the main benefits of incorporating emergent artificial intelligence into your projects is that you can save time.

Practically, what AI can do is take care of the time-consuming parts of projects and complete them more quickly. Not only do individual tasks take a shorter amount of time when undertaken by AI but, with greater accuracy, projects are less likely to be delayed or disrupted due to poor calculations and estimations.

Being able to free up more time means you are able to take on more projects and become more productive as a result. So, not only will AI not reduce the amount of work you are able to work on; it will, in fact, provide you with the opportunity to take on more.

Notice here that AI is not taking anyone's work away. In fact, it provides you with the opportunity to take on even more, should you choose to do so.

Our Industry Won’t Wait


One of the main reasons people feel worried about AI taking jobs is when they don't see a need to adapt. Imagine the scene: you’ve operated a certain way for the entirety of your career. What you have always done works fine and a new way of working will just slow you down.

There’s one major issue with that way of thinking - the industry will move on. Sticking with what you know can be the easier option in the short-term. But history tells us that those who fail to adapt to changes in their industry get left on the scrap heap.

Practically, what you can do to adopt emergent artificial intelligence into your company's everyday practices is to give your staff the opportunity to try out the latest AI systems. Kreo’s software makes use of AI to help you estimate construction costs more accurately. By training staff on this type of planning software, you’ll already be incorporating the latest AI into your practices.

How to work with Emergent Artificial Intelligence


Another reason people worry artificial intelligence will take their job is that they see the two as being in competition with each other. This is far from reality.

If you take the time to embrace the emergent AI, you put yourself in the best possible position to, not only stay ahead of the curve, but become a champion for our industry’s emergent technologies.

Don’t see AI as a necessary evil. Look at it as something you can work with to improve productivity and accuracy. Get to grips with the latest tools and take note of the case studies that exist to demonstrate examples of AI's benefit to our roles.

As mentioned previously, AI is one of many tools to help us with our jobs, not make them obsolete. Similarly, adopting new technology should not be an extra step in our processes for the sake of it. New technology should make our lives easier.

The AEC industry has historically been slow to adopt technology, but AI is here at last and it’s not going away. Those companies that fail to move with the times will risk losing out.

Companies should resist the urge to back away from advanced technologies and embrace the direction our industry is taking. Fear should not overcome innovation. Ultimately the message for the industry is, if you embrace emergent artificial intelligence, it won’t cost you your job.

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