Cast Consultancy gets closer to modernising the industry with AI

Leading UK construction consultancy, Cast Consultancy, has signed up to use Kreo's artificial intelligence in pre-construction planning and concept design.

Having tested the system on some of their existing projects, they are undertaking a trial process on a project with other consultants Studio Anyo, Peter Dann and SCMS Associates to understand the benefits of working in a collaborative environment to drive efficiency in the design, cost and scheduling process.

Kreo's AI provides increased accuracy and speed in design, engineering and project planning. Cast will use this to understand how it can reduce risk, time to market and apply design-to-manufacture principles to architecture, engineering & construction (AEC).

Make your errors in the virtual world

client-and-dev-teams virtual worldTerry Stocks, leader of the CDBB BIM Level 2 workstream, said in BIM+ magazine:

“The real benefit of BIM and collaborative design development is to get things right first time. Errors are made in a virtual (and cheaper) world.”

The proportion of early stage fees expenditure will increase, and we'll move away from the traditional S-shaped curve of fee expenditure. This will improve outcomes for the project and the end user. It will not result in higher costs overall, by avoiding mistakes and resulting fines. In fact, BIM will more likely lower the cost over the project's lifecycle.

By using AI in BIM, companies can skip a few steps ahead. They can speed up some of the work that was previously deemed too detailed for early stage planning. If AEC organisations (and developers) get building design and planning right from the start, some of the benefits include:

  • Substantially reduced cost overruns and delays
  • Eliminate litigation and disputes
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduced waste
  • Higher profit margins for construction contractors

At the moment it is impossible to put enough effort in at pre-construction stage, as all planning and design is done manually. By using AI (Kreo uses NLP, ML and optimisation algorithms), we will see pre-construction plans with much higher accuracy, earlier in the project lifecycle.

Cast Consultancy gets ahead of competitors

By taking the leap with using AI to improve the quality of their planning, Cast Consultancy can get ahead of a competitive market. Hannah Vickers, chief executive of the Association for Consultancy and Engineering, said at this year's Futurebuild conference:

“Digital construction doesn't mean the end of consultants. They will need to develop their skill set but it will offer them more creativity.”

Vickers is a member of the Construction Innovation Hub's industry board, alongside Cast CEO, Mark Farmer. Cast Consultancy is focused on innovating many of the existing ways of working in the construction industry. Kreo is having conversations with several other open-minded and creative companies in the AEC industry. By working with construction consultancies like Cast, Kreo can demonstrate how others can also take advantage of this modern technology.

Using AI, Kreo lets anyone create residential and commercial BIM models for more accurate feasibility studies than ever before.

Change takes commitment

mobile_bg architect designingCast Consultancy understands that you only get out what you put in. By taking the leap with Kreo, Cast commits to spending the extra time they'll save with AI on making more detailed project plans. This will enable them to get better quality building designs in the same amount of time. They will lead the way for other organisations when they are able to prove the higher quality of the building projects they work on.

Kreo's CEO and founder, Magomed Galaev, says:

“We are honoured to be working with Cast in their quest to transform the design, engineering and building construction practice.”

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