4D BIM Scheduling Software for Construction Professionals

4D Scheduling Software for Construction Professionals

Kreo's 4D scheduling software finally fulfils the true potential of 4D BIM.

We define 4D BIM as the intelligent linking of 3D CAD components with time or schedule related information. It is, in theory, incredibly valuable to construction project managers. Linking specific activities and items with graphical representations allows you to work in a safe, logical way. This also maximises efficiency on site. Better still, that schedule forms just one part of a central model. It gives one reliable source of federated information for everybody involved in the project.

Problems with 4D BIM as it currently exists

Currently, construction project scheduling is far too manual.

In a recent survey, we found that 50% of all construction project scheduling is done not using BIM software - but with Microsoft Excel. Sure, Excel is a versatile software tool with many uses. But it does not line up with the broad vision of how BIM should work.

50 of all construction project scheduling is done with Microsoft Excel

Project scheduling should be part of one integrated data model for each project. However, it's usually separate from the rest of the project and its associated components.

Currently, many highly-trained human experts spend too much time manually assigning durations and sequences to each item and activity included in a BIM model. From using spreadsheets, pen-and-paper, to even existing 4D BIM software packages. Many of these software packages include the ability to view a graphic display of activities over time. But the computer only really shows you a breakdown of the information you, yourself, entered.

This manual approach& also leads to a high risk of human error. Humans often don’t do well with repetitive, manual data entry. We make mistakes, and get distracted, and accidents happen. In construction scheduling, projects are so commonly time-critical due to their labour-intensive nature. Delays can lead to punitive financial penalties and litigation, not to mention additional work-hours. This results in significant cost overruns and the low single-digit profit margins so prevalent in the construction industry.

Every day spent on this manual process takes project managers further away from being able to optimise the project for time or cost. If anything changes in the model, they need to manually revisit it in the schedule, potentially creating weeks of further work. Tweaks to resource levelling, work packaging or sequencing, for example, become impossible.

The bottom line? Construction project scheduling is ripe for change. Our recent survey uncovered deep dissatisfaction with existing tools and processes. 98% of respondents told us it was important for a new BIM software solution to automate scheduling/programming, with 82% saying it was ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important.

What’s different about Kreo?

Project scheduling in 4D BIM: When you import your BIM into Kreo, the software checks and reviews it. Its machine learning identifies and highlights potential errors. After checking the model, Kreo becomes a collaboration portal for at least five team members involved in the project, to add their own expertise to the project’s KPIs.

Kreo's AI-based optimisation and scheduling engine automatically creates a project master schedule, running a large number of simulations to find an optimal balance between cost and time. It takes into account:

  • Built-in sequencing rules
  • User-defined resource limits
  • Resource utilisation level
  • Activity flow
  • Spatial limitations

Kreo generates a 4D visualisation of the construction process, without any user intervention. You can view this complex and powerful 4D visualisation in your browser (so no need to download software). The 4D visualisation reflects all changes to the schedule or sequence in real time. It’s also a central point of collaboration. You can share the visualisation with team members who can submit comments and Requests For Information on activities or BIM elements. Kreo allows you to keep a log of all changes and comments within the same platform. Activity sequencing can be changed to enhance overall efficiency.

KREO also generates a 4D visualisation of the construction process, without any user intervention


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