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KREO is a pioneering software-as-a-service platform for BIM-based construction cost estimating, scheduling and bid pricing.


Kreo is the first BIM software to offer machine learning to fix the entire pre-construction planning process. Kreo supports everything from BIM design to cost estimation, scheduling and managing the bidding process.

With Kreo, you can speed up pre-construction planning tasks, freeing up experts' time to be more accurate and more creative.

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If construction-sector productivity were to catch up with that of the total economy, the sector’s value added would be increased by over £1 trillion.

This would add approximately 2 percent to the global economy - or the equivalent of meeting about half of the world’s infrastructure need.

McKinsey Global Institute


Bring AEC productivity into the 21st century through sophisticated automation

We all know in the AEC industry that productivity lags behind. This is a significant hindrance to the use of technology, the lack of which in turn hinders productivity. A vicious circle.

At Kreo, we use AI to help even the most tech-averse AEC professional use BIM to its full potential. Instead of trying to push professionals to spend ages using software they don't see value in, we make it quick and easy. Those who take advantage of the technology sooner will get ahead of their competitors and see higher profit margins.

4D and 5D BIM

Artificial intelligence can create your cost & schedule estimates so experts can spend time on refining it and reducing guesswork

Common Data Environment

By working in the cloud and sharing the same BIM model with all of your project stakeholders, you will be able to collaborate easily.

Feasibility Studies

If clients used Kreo for feasibility studies, their likelihood of project success would increase exponentially. 

Why BIM Show Live

As a software solution based in London, we are excited to travel to Newcastle to showcase our products. BIM Show Live has a keen following of BIM experts, who will understand the noble cause we are fighting for.

Two of our project managers will be travelling to the event all the way from Minsk, Belarus. They travelled over to London for Digital Construction Week last year and this year look forward to meeting a new type of potential Kreo user in a different environment. We hope to build a more loyal following at the event and promote our message as a disruptor in the market.

What's Next for Kreo?

Once we have a few happy UK clients under our belt, we plan to conquer America!

The USA has a large and growing construction market. BIM is still a fair way off as a consistent standard and we believe Kreo will help get the market up to scratch faster.

By using Kreo, our future American clients will be able to become world leaders. The AEC industry is bubbling away in the US. It is being disrupted by construction and property tech every day. We want to be a part of the story!