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FREE EBOOK: 4 Steps BIM Managers and Architects can take to optimize BIM for Quantity Take-off (QTO)

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This eBook details some simple steps BIM managers and architects can take to make sure that they're using best practices for BIM design, helping quantity surveryors (QS) and cost estimators in the takeoff process.

In this day and age, BIM is being ever more widely used in many workflows and for many tasks within the construction industry. New construction estimating software solutions, like Kreo Takeoff, have been developed to fit this purpose. However, BIM is still frequently designed in a format that makes it inconvenient to work with when carrying out quantity take-off (QTO).

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This eBook covers...


How to facilitate the implementation of BIM in QTO to overcome challenges related to model accuracy, lack of information and collaboration.


By making BIM useful for everyone, automation and cloud-based data management will allow project stakeholders to collaborate early on in the design process. 


Speed, project understanding, accuracy, value engineering, collaboration, design quality and constructability are only some of the main advantages of using BIM in QTO.