Working in the Measurements panel

Measurements panel is the storage space where all the measurements created on a particular drawing are.

The Measurements panel is placed on the bottom of the Toolbar. Click on its icon and you will see all the drawing's measurements there. The number of measurements created on the drawing is shown above the Measurements panel icon.

Once the measurement is created, it appears in the Measurements panel.


Once the Auto Measure is done, all the measurements will appear in the structured view (with the division into relevant folders) in the Measurements panel.

Kreo 2D Takeoff does not limit you to a particular folder structure. Set up any structure necessary for your purposes:

  1. Create folders by clicking on the folder icon on the top of the Measurements panel.
  2. Drag and drop created measurements to relevant folders.
  3. Create any kind of nested structure by dragging and dropping folders into particular folders.
  4. Rename folders and measurements by double-clicking on their names.
  5. Assign a particular colour to any necessary folder. And then, when you're transferring your measurements
    to a folder with a particular colour or creating the measurements right in it, the selected colour will be
    automatically assigned to them.

Also, you can filter the measurements you need to currently work with on the drawing right from the Measurements panel. It can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Hide unnecessary measurements by clicking once on the eye icon near the relevant item. To see the hidden elements, click on the eye icon again.
  2. If you need to isolate a particular measurement / group of measurements on the drawing, click twice on this item.