What data can I receive running the Auto Measure?

Kreo 2D Takeoff allows you to get residential floor plans measured in a couple of minutes with the help of the latest computer vision technologies applied in the innovative Auto Measure mechanism.

Launch Auto Measure and you will be able to get the following:


  • rooms - grouped by room type
  • flats
  • GIA
  • NIA / NSF
  • GEA / GSF


  • doors - grouped by position (internal or external) and then by width
  • windows - grouped by width
  • walls - grouped by position (internal or external)
  • openings


  1. The width of the elements for dividing them into relevant groups is being calculated ONLY once according to the CURRENT scale & unit system indicated (Metric or Imperial one). Thus, make sure you indicated the necessary scale & unit system before running the Auto Measure.
  2. Once Auto Measure is finished, its results are grouped into relevant folders in the Measurements panel and the report with the Auto Measure results is automatically created in the online spreadsheet area.