Templates for folder structure

The purpose of the feature:

This feature allows you to group and structure your measurements in the way you need by creating particular templates for folders, as well as to reuse the previously created templates in any of your next projects.

How to use the feature:

  1. Open the Measurements panel;
  2. Start by creating a relevant folder structure by adding new folders (with the help of the folder icon on the top right of the Measurements panel);
  3. Once the required folder structure is set up, click on the menu button at the very left of the panel near "Measurements";
  4. Then select the following: Templates β†’ Create template;
  5. Insert the name for your future template and choose whether to share it with all the employees from your company or not. Then, press the "Create" button;
  6. Now your template is created and saved for all your projects. When you need to apply it, click on the menu button near "Measurements" again and select the necessary template from the list.

How to edit the already created template?

Open the project with no measurements created and apply the relevant already-created template there. Then change the template's structure in the way you need and save it as a new template.