Sharing projects with other employees in my company

Kreo allows you to work together with other colleagues on a particular project.

For this purpose, you need to invite colleagues to your company first.

As soon as this step is over, you will be able to share all the projects with other people within the company.

There are two options for sharing a project:

1. Share a new project once it's uploaded to Kreo.

When you are uploading a new project, you will see the option "Invite people". Click on it and tick the relevant people from the pop-up employee list.

2. Share the already existing project.

You can also invite people to the already existing project at any working stage convenient for you.

To do this, go to the page with all your projects and pay attention to the right side of any project. There you can find the menu button placed. Click on it and you will see the option "Share". Select this option and tick the necessary people from the pop-up employee list.

Note! To be able to share your projects with colleagues, don't forget to invite them to your company first!