Select Tool

Shortcut → V

The purpose of the tool:

The select tool allows you to select any relevant element drawn previously, as well as select multiple objects in the drawing.

With the help of this tool you can also:

  • move the element to another position in the drawing
  • modify the item

How to use the tool:

The select tool is switched on by default. If you've just worked with another tool, then you need to choose the select tool on the toolbar.

Click on the relevant element to select it.

To select multiple elements, press the "Ctrl" button and click on each of the relevant elements.

To marquee select elements, click on the starting point and drag around the items you need to select with the help of a rectangular selection.

Select the element and right click on it to open the context menu.


  1. You can also select the relevant element by opening the "Items Menu" and choosing it there.

  2. Click on the item once to be able to move it. Then drag the item to the relevant position.

  3. Click on the item twice to be able to modify it. 

  4. To add additional points to the item, hover over the place where you need to add the point. When you see the potential point, click on it to add it to the element itself.

  5. You can also select the existing polygon by clicking on its measurements.