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Which measurements can I get using the tool?

Use the polyline tool to measure length of the relevant items on the drawing.

How to use the tool:

Choose the polyline icon on the toolbar.

To start drawing a polyline, click on the relevant starting point, then select the necessary next point by clicking on it. Keep choosing the relevant points and clicking on them to create more lines.

To undo the last segment, press "Esc" or "Ctrl"/"Cmd" + "Z" or "Backspace".

As soon as you need to end the polyline, press the "Enter" button or use the right-click button and choose the "Finish" option.


  1. Hold the "Shift" key to draw at an angle of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90°.

  2. Using the "Finish" option, the line will be finished in the place you right-clicked.