Modify Tool

The purpose of the tool:

Modify tool allows you to:

  1. Modify the existing measurements in the way you need;

  2. Adjust the Auto Measure results.

How to use the tool:

To enable modification mode, double click on the relevant measurement on the drawing or select the Modify option from the context menu. Choose the measurement simply by clicking on it, or by using a rectangular selection (holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor).
If you would like to perform any manipulations with existing points, then select the points with a click or with the help of a rectangular selection in the editing mode.

The list of options available:

  • Drag to select and move one point or multiple points simultaneously.
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  • To add additional points to the measurement, hover over the place where you need to add the point. When you see the potential point, click on it to add it to the element itself.

  • Select the points you would like to align and choose the necessary option out of the following in the pop-up menu:

    - left
    - right
    - top
    - bottom 

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  • To remove one point or multiple points, drag to select it first, after which click on the bin icon in the pop-up menu. 
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