Inviting people to my company

Pay attention to the left top of your working area in 2D Takeoff. There you will see the list of the companies you belong to. Click on any of them to open it.

You will see 3 tabs inside:

  1. Company, where you can modify your company's name.

  2. Users, where you can invite other employees to your company. To do this, click on the button "Add people", insert the email of the employee you are inviting and assign the relevant role to this employee.

    Note! If you want to share any project within your company with the employees belonging to this company, you need to invite the employee to the relevant company first! To do this, open the tab with your projects and hover over the menu button you'll see on the right side of any project. Choose the option "Share" there. After it, select the employees you would like to share your project with from the pop-up list.

    Users are divided into 2 roles: Administrator and Editor.

    Administrator is the employee who has all the permissions possible. However, there's no limit on the number of administrators for one particular company.

    Editor is the employee who has all the permissions except for inviting employees & guests to the company.

  3. Guests, where you are able to invite guests to your company.


    - A guest can able to only see the project itself and all the modification done with it, but they are not able to create projects themselves or to modify your projects. This role perfectly suits your clients or colleagues who need to check the work done by you.
    - The number of guests is unlimited.