How to use the drawing settings in 2D Takeoff

What is the purpose of the drawing settings?

Use the drawing settings to set up the most comfortable working flow for you in 2D Takeoff.

How to work with the drawing settings:

The "Settings" icon is placed at the top left of the working page in Kreo.

The available drawing settings to be performed with your drawing are:

  1. Snapping - helps you to tie the point to an angle, a line or any other item in the drawing. Use this setting for a more precise selection of points when working with the tools in Kreo. Click here to read how to use the setting in more detail.
  2. Black and white - use this setting to make all the items on the drawing in black and white.
  3. Rotate - rotate your drawings at 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
  4. Night Mode - use this setting to enable the night mode of the drawing.
  5. Opacity - use this setting to change the drawing's transparency. The maximum value is set by default.
  6. Stroke width - use this setting to change the line's thickness for all the measurements on the drawing.