How to use the Context Menu

How to open the Context Menu?

Once you right click on the relevant measurement, the Context Menu opens.

Options of the Context Menu:

  1. Modify
    Enable the option to be able to modify the selected measurement. Then click on the points you see there using the left mouse button, hold the button and drag the relevant point to the necessary position.

  2. Auto Count
    Use this option to enable the Auto Count feature right from the Context Menu.

  3. Move To Group
    Use this option to move the measurement to the relevant group of the Measurement menu.

  4. Ungroup
    Use this option to remove the measurement from the group it belongs to.

  5. Focus
    Use this option to focus on the selected measurement.

  6. Copy
    Use this option to copy the selected measurement.

  7. Cut
    Use this option to cut the selected measurement.

  8. Hide
    Use this option to hide the selected measurement.

  9. Isolate
    Use this option to isolate the selected measurement.

  10. Delete
    Use this option to remove the selected measurement from the drawing.

  11. Move To Cell
    Follow this link to read how to use this option.

  12. Select All
    Use this option to select all the measurements on the drawing.

  13. Full Screen
    Use this option to open the Full Screen Mode right from the Context Menu.

  14. Union
    Use this option to unite several measurements in one.
    Note! The option is applicable only when several measurements are selected.