How to trace measurements in my spreadsheet

In Kreo 2D Takeoff you are always able to check where the measurements used in your schedule have come from, as well as to find the appropriate measurements from your drawing into the spreadsheet while working with a huge amount of data.

For this purpose, we've developed the "Trace Links" option.

There're two possible ways how you can enable the option:

  1. Select the necessary measurement on your drawing and you will see the pop-up menu, where you need to choose the "Trace Links" option.
  2. Right click on the required measurement and select the "Trace Links" option from the menu.

As soon as the mechanism is enabled, pay attention to the bottom of your working area in Kreo. There you will see all the sheets & cells of your spreadsheet, where the measurement you're looking for is used. Click on any necessary cell/sheet to see it highlighted in your spreadsheet.

trace links