How to add relative or absolute links

In Kreo 2D Takeoff, you can easily change the cell references to relative and absolute ones.

Absolute links allow you to fix a row or column to which the formula should refer.

Relative links change automatically when you copy a formula along a range of cells, both vertically and horizontally.

How to add relative or absolute links?

To add a relative or absolute link, right-click on the link itself in the input line and select the option that suits you best out of the following:

$A$1 — absolute column and absolute row

$A1 — absolute column and relative row

A$1 — relative column and absolute row

, where 1 is the row's name, and A is the column's name.

Note! By inserting the "F4" in the input line right after the relevant link, you are able to change the link itself.

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