How to add measurements to my schedule

There are 3 ways of adding measurements to the schedule:

  1. Click on the relevant item and you will see the popup menu. Select there the last option and choose the measurement value you need to add to the schedule.

  2. Right click on the relevant item and choose the option "Move to Cell". Then select the measurement value you need to add to the schedule.

    Check the list of properties you can add to the schedule with the help of the"Move To Cell" option:

     - Name — the name of the measurement itself
     - Group Name — the name of the folder it belongs to
     - Page Name — the name of the page where the measurement is located
     - Area
     - Perimeter / Length
     - Count

    1. You are also able to transfer all the data about the selected measurement (eg. its name, area, perimeter, quantity, group name, etc.) to your schedule in a structured way within one click. All you need to do is to choose the "Move To Cell" feature and select the option "Table" there.
    2. Any kind of nested measurement structure will be also easily transferred to your schedule into a structured view in just a click using the "Move To Cell — Table" option. 


  3. Pay attention to the button "Select measurements", placed on the right side of your working area in Kreo.

To enable the button, either click on it or press the "S" button.

To add a measurement into the schedule, select the relevant cell there, then click on the measurement.

To finish, either press "S" or "Escape".


  1. Using the third method, you can add measurements to the schedule only when the "Select measurements" option is active.

  2. When the "Select Measurements" button is active, you can also click on the measurement label of any item to add the measurement to the schedule. In such a case, the area of the relevant item will be added to the schedule.