Formulae and functions currently supported in 2D Takeoff

Currently, Kreo 2D Takeoff supports the following functions in the schedule:

  • Max - searching for the maximum value out of several
  • Min - searching for the minimum value out of several
  • Average - calculating the average value for a range of values
  • Sum - calculating the sum of several values
  • Count - calculating the amount of elements which contain numeric values
  • Round - rounding a value to a certain decimal point
  • Addition - adding one value to another
  • Subtraction - subtracting one value from another
  • Multiplication - multiplying one value by another
  • Division - dividing one value by another


Enable the functions in one of the following ways:

  1. Press the "Formulae" button in the menu, located at the very top of the Online Spreadsheet.
    **This option doesn't work for the addition; subtraction; multiplication & division functions. These functions can be enabled only by inserting the functions and values manually into the cell.
    = a1+b1
    = a1-b1
    = a1*b1
    = a1/b1

  2. Insert the relevant function manually right into the cell. Find the rules applicable for functions in 2D Takeoff here