Filtering and sorting measurements in the online spreadsheet

Filtering measurements in the spreadsheet:

Purpose: Use the Filter to temporarily hide from the schedule some data unnecessary for you at the moment to concentrate on the values you are currently working with.

To enable the filter, click on the menu button which is placed on the right of any column's header and choose the Filter icon after it. There you will see the list of possible filtering options. They are:

  • Select All - to switch on/off all the items of your schedule
  • Blanks - to switch on/off all the blank cells of your schedule
  • The values inserted in your particular schedule

As soon as you don't need to use the filter anymore, press "Reset Filter" button. 

Filter table

Sorting measurements in the spreadsheet:

Purpose: Sort the data in your schedule to quickly find the relevant value.

To enable the option, click on the relevant column's header.
Then you will be able to sort your values in alphabetical order or from smaller values to larger ones.